State of the Art Titanium 3D Printing

High quality, medical-grade, support free 3D printing in commercially pure Titanium and Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 23 Ti).

Texas-Sized Printing. Bigger. Faster. Better.

We print on a huge 350mmx350mm print bed. Four lasers get big jobs done quickly. Our compression roller lets us do it all support free in the finest powders.

Quad laser LPBF Printer
Our AddUp FormUp 350 V2 machines use laser powder bed fusion (LPBF/DMLS/SLM) to rapidly produce the highest quality prints.Learn more ->
Detailed quality reports
Receive detailed lot traceable quality reports of powder and machine oxygen levels for each of your orders.
End to end closed loop powder management
Our powder is under inert atmosphere every step of the way, to minimize unwanted oxygen uptake.
Support-free printing
Powder compression minimizes or eliminates the need for supports, saving time and improving surface finish.Learn more ->
Fine Powders
Most printers are limited to 15µm. We fluidize powder with a compression roller to take that limit to 0. This means a better surface finish for you.Learn more ->
Variable spot size
We dynamically change the size of the laser to keep small prints detailed and get big prints done fast.

About our printer

AddUp FormUp 350 V2

Tray of titanium printed parts

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